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Let me share with you WHY I created my Group Coachings. 

A few years ago I stepped back to analyze my business. Was it doing what I wanted it to do? Was it serving customers? 

Were they getting results?

The answers were all yes.   
  • Our business was thriving. 
  • Customers were being served.
  • Private clients were getting results.

But something was missing and I did not know why.

You see, I had developed a process that allowed me to help my private clients achieve more than they dreamed possible. 

You will see some of their stories at the bottom of this page.

Here is the process in a nutshell.
  • We discuss and identify their specific need.
  • ​I teach them the skills they need to succeed.
  • ​They do the work (with my help) and follow up with me.
  • ​We fine-tune their efforts.
  • ​They get the result they want and continue getting those results over the long term.
So what was missing?

It was simply this - my hourly rate of $500 meant that I could not serve as many people as I wanted to serve. 

As much as they wanted it, some people just could not afford my rate. 

I get that because early in my online career our family was down to $17! And I was 45 years old with a wife and two daughters to support. (Talk about pressure!)

I wanted a way to share what I know, to help others create their own freedom, and have it be both affordable for them and profitable for me. 

And that is how Group Coaching was born!

I realized that teaching people in a group might be almost as effective as working with them one on one. 

So I put together my first Group Coaching and offered it to my existing customers. 


So I decided to make Group Coaching a main "product line" of my company. 

I knew that this was my chance to share everything I had learned in the past 20 years. 

AND to make that knowledge affordable to anyone! 

You see, we have been very blessed. Over the last 20 years some amazing things have happened for me. 
  • Going from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to owning the company in less than 18 months.
  • ​Building a strong company using free traffic methods.
  • ​Becoming an Amazon best selling author on my first try.
  • ​Surviving the 2008 financial crisis without missing a beat.
  • ​Automating our processes to create free time.
  • ​Being interviewed by Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Alex Mandossian, and many more.
  • ​Having our list wiped out by an autoresponder company's negligence and rebuilding very quickly.
  • ​Contributing to Robert G. Allen's Multiple Streams Of Internet Income book.
  • ​Seeing client after client succeed beyond what they hoped would happen.
  • ​Being a top affiliate for the products I love and choose to promote.
  • ​Serving over 24,000 paying customers.
  • ​Earning over $3 per month per subscriber from our lists.
  • ​And so much more.
But all of that paled in comparison with the satisfaction of seeing my clients succeed. 

Whether I was helping a person go from six figures to their next level or helping a struggling affiliate marketer get their first sale, their success excited me as much as my own success had done!

So I make sure to pack all the goodness I can into every Group Coaching while keeping them short and actionable.

If you are interested in my Group Coachings take a look at the mind map below or click one of the links under the mind map. 

Choose the Group Coaching that meets your most pressing need and let's get to work helping you move along the continuum of success that you want and deserve.


"My goal is to help you go from where you are to where you want to be as quickly and easily as possible!" Charlie Page

Using the list below, click the link of the Group Coaching 
you want to know more about. 

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Unsolicited feedback from
private consulting clients

Lisa Lane Brown
“Charlie Page has revolutionized my business and changed my life. 

In our first consult he gave me a simple, elegant strategy for my revising my sales funnel that will 10X our growth – and I had no idea it even existed despite years of studying internet marketing! 

He brings together a brilliant strategic mind, an encyclopedic knowledge of internet marketing, copywriting genius, and technology know-how to create a consulting package that is unparalleled. 

One of loneliest things about being an entrepreneur is not having a trusted expert when you have a question. 

Well, Charlie Page IS that expert. If you run your business without him, you do so at your own peril.”
Bill Gaw
Traveled The World On Charlie's Copywriting
I started my online business in the year 2000, four years after I retired. 

Charlie wrote much of my Website content and ALL of my sales letters. 

Much of our fantastic retirement can be traced to his help over many years.

The business was a success from day one and Charlie's early content is still making sales today.
Mirna Bard
Valuable suggestions and Actionable Advice
My first webinar had over 600+ attendees thanks to the  DOE! 

So I brought Charlie on as an adviser.

By focusing solely on higher conversions, Charlie reviewed the presentation slide by slide, patiently answered all my endless questions, and pointed out mistakes I did not see.

Charlie is extremely generous and knows his sales and marketing!
Kjell H. Kjellevold
Things Have Improved Exceptionally For Me
As you know, I'm retired and have some spare time I want to use to try to do some business online.

The information you give I find honest, practical and educating. 

The one hour consulting we had was very helpful. 

I found your advice concerning blogging very useful and my blog appearance has improved exceptionally.
Helene Malmsio
An Astonishing Quality Of Support And Advice
Your DOE was one of the earliest big products I bought online, must be 10+ years ago!

In the times I've asked Charlie for help he has astonished me with the quality of support he provided to me.

I've spent thousands on big name guru products, and have been very disappointed If you can only invest in a couple of things this year, Charlie Page and the famous DOE is one of the best decisions you can make.
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